We set up and activate the chemicals we provide, or different types of chemicals as well, in accordance with your system. We have the ability to exclude human intervention from the related systems up to a level of your preference. For example, we can let you be updated during the process and be informed if the substance is finished when you want to inject it to the high pressure line under the right circumstances. We can also assist you in case that you’d like to stop your line when the substance finishes. Below you can see images related to this.

    We design, setup and work the various kinds of chemicals that we provide in accordance with your systems. We have the ability to automize the aforementioned systems and make them human-touch-free. For instance, should you need to monitor and be informed about whether you have run out of the chemical under certain circumstances, say when you want to inject it to the high pressure line, or in case you want to stop the line when you run out of chemicals, we can also assist you during that critical stage. Below you can see the visuals of our main products.


Dosing Pumps ATEX certified dosing pumps are available in our product portfolio, reqif uired, at various flow rates and pressures.


Barrel Pumps

It is the most suitable method to quickly transfer chemicals from drums, drums, IBCs. It is attractive because it is mobile. It works with electricity and can reach up to 180lt/min. Thanks to its hooks, it can be attached to the IBC or the barrel mouth. It can be manufactured as PP, PVDF and stainless steel. Apart from this, it is also available with ATEX (Ex-Proof) certificate, that is, it can be produced with explosion and spark protection for flammable explosive chemicals.