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Flaks / Flux /Flüks

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Liquid Flux

Galvanizing(Zinc coating) proces is most suitable coating type of steel surface threatment. It supplies very long protecting against corrosion on steels. There are two methods about galvanizing. They are electro-galvanizing and hot dipping zinc coating.

Hot imertion galvanizing supplies thicker zinc layer in steels. Electro galvanizing suplies thiner zinc layer on steel. For that reason hot dipping galvanizing are prefered for long term metal life against corrosion. But before coating, steel surface is threated before entering liquid zinc pot. After degrasing proces, steels should enter acid bath. Then flux bath is the most important bath for zinc coating quality and zinc coating cost. If flux bath is not controlled as optimum conditions. Zinc consumtion will increased. And coating quality will go bad. Other important case is ferro ions on flux solution. It had to be controlled for quality of coating. Our firm suplies sustainable flux bath. It includes balance of zincchloride and amonium chloride and concentration of ferrous.

Our company suplies low cost flux and. Flux recovering service.