Passivation Chemicals And Application

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Passivation with or without chromium

They are chemicals that can also be used as under paint. Its use is similar to that under paint.

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Passivation after galvanization

It is used to prevent white rust on galvanized surfaces. At the same time, if paint is to be poured on the galvanized, it strengthens the paint adhesion.

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Sealing Passivation

Manufactured metal products are immersed in water in order to perform leak tests. After this process, it is added to the bath where the test is made so that the product does not rust. Besides preventing rust, it also provides protection.

Coil of rusted metal in workshop.

Nitrided Passivation

Rust resistance is high. However, it smells and is harmful to human health.


Nitrite-Free Passivation

Rust resistance is lower, but it is less harmful to the environment and human health. It does not smell.

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Other passivation products

We have application-specific chemicals to prevent corrosion in short-term waiting periods.