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The hangers used to hang the product, which are fixed in the paint facilities, are painted together with the product, this situation affects the painting negatively as it insulates the current. Paint remover chemicals are used to remove the paint from hangers or incorrectly painted parts. It can be used to remove paint from different metals.

Since cold-running solvent-based paint removers are volatile, if the business takes precautions accordingly, it will both reduce product consumption and protect the health of employees. The removal time may vary depending on the color and strength of the paint. There are two types of paint removers that remove the paint in the form of a crust and dissolve it. The consumption of the chemical that dissolves by melting is higher. But the bathroom does not require cleaning. Hot working paint removers are alkaline. It may sometimes be necessary to exceed even 100̊C. The product concentration can be up to 60%.