Nano Coating Chemical and Application


It is a type of coating that has been developed recently. It is traditionally used as an under-paint coating. But its use for passivation is also common. It is a zirconium-based coating. Metals freed from oil and rust. Before entering the nano coating bath, it should be rinsed with pure water. The reason for this is that the nano coating bath is not resistant to pollution. It is recommended to put it into a pure water bath after the nano coating bath. Because it is desirable to clean the wastes that may occur on the surface after the nano coating. Likewise, the nano bath should be set up with pure water. The pH and the amount of zirconium in the bathroom should be followed well. Depending on the situation, a pH adjuster can be added. It does not make mud like phosphate coatings. It has high corrosion resistance. It does not need heating. There is no problem in its disposal. It is less harmful to the environment than other coatings. The most intense coat color is golden yellow. The bathroom is difficult to follow. Because the tolerances of the data to be followed are less than the phosphate process. It can be used as spraying and dipping. It may not require distilled water, depending on the application.