Metal Surface Processing Chemicals

All the necessary chemicals that prevent metals from corrosion, enhance the paint performance when painted, help stain the paint evenly on the surface and cleanse all dirt on the surface (grease, rust, scale) prior to application are available in our product line. Some of them are listed below.

Petrol and Gas Industry Chemicals

The raw product extracted from the wells in the sea or on the land are brought to refineries through pipes or by tanker ships for purification, distillation and decomposition. Here in those plants they are processed both physically and chemically. Depending on the processing, it is possible to obtain a different product, or sometimes even more than one product.

System Cleaning Chemicals, Biocides

It’s inevitable to have problems of segregation and other deposit in all systems where any kind of fluids run for a long time. Even if the fluid used is water, it contains impurities. This causes various types of segregation. In order to eliminate such segregations we have cleaning chemicals. In addition to that, we have biocides in order to prevent bacterial growth in the fluids used.

Dosing Systems and Pumps Groups

We set up and activate the chemicals we provide, or different types of chemicals as well, in accordance with your system. We have the ability to exclude human intervention from the related systems up to a level of your preference. For example, we can let you be updated during the process and be informed if the substance is finished when you want to inject it to the high pressure line under the right circumstances. We can also assist you in case that you’d like to stop your line when the substance finishes. Below you can see images related to this.

Liquid Flux

“Galvanizing(Zinc coating) proces is most suitable coating type of steel surface threatment. It supplies very long protecting against corrosion on steels. There are two methods about galvanizing. They are electro-galvanizing and hot dipping zinc coating.

Zinc chloride

“Zinc chloride chemical is synthesized in our facility with aqua form. We can produce up to %80 concentration according to our raw material. Zincchloride

Grinding Fluids

That chemiccal is used in grinders. It supplies cooling, optimum grinding surface and temporary surface protection"


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